Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Countdown!

Wow!  In 29 days I will be on a plane to Haiti.  I am so excited to see the children and get moved in at Grace Village.  I have been busy packing my apartment, my classroom, saying good-byes, organizing things to bring to Haiti, getting my shots updated, and enjoying time with family and friends.  My mind is full of things I need to get done and things I need to prepare for Haiti.  It is an exciting, yet overwhelming time.  Daily I pray that God will be my strength when I am weak.  I am preparing for the unknown and need to ask Him for guidance and direction.

Many of you have asked what it will be like to live in Haiti.  Right now, I don't know many details.  I do know that I will live simply.  I am looking forward to building relationships with people.  I'm sure I will miss air conditioning, electricity, high-speed internet, laundry machines, refrigerators, and the convenience of grocery stores.  I will be making many changes to my daily living.  What a wonderful, exciting journey!