Friday, October 19, 2012


So much has been happening in Haiti.  Below you will see a variety of photos to let you know what is new at Grace Village!

School is open!  Every morning the children gather at the flagpole to sing Haiti’s National Anthem, pray, and sing a hymn.  Then, the children walk single file to their classroom to begin their day of learning.  Some of these children have never attended school.  Many families in Titanyen can not afford to pay for their children to attend school.  Our school is providing a free, Christ-centered education, that is empowering children to be future leaders in their country.

I have been working with the tailors to gather uniform measurements for all of our students.  It has been a big job.  The children are so excited to have new school clothes and shoes. 

The tailor pictured above is Pierre.  Healing Haiti cares for him in the eldercare program.  We have asked him to make the boys shirts for our 3 kindergarten classes.  I went to his home to deliver the fabric that he needs for the shirts. 

After school, the children have a tutoring session and then it is playtime!  Sometimes, we enjoy using chalk.  I drew a picture of Shersunny.  She was all smiles to see herself on the sidewalk.

What a joy it was to reunite 3 young brothers with their family!  I visited them in their house and they were all doing well.  Here is their new family photo!  The mom said she was so happy when she heard her youngest son praying.  He was praying for her.  She also was so thankful that the boys learned about God at Grace Village.  She hears them singing praises to God all day as they play in the yard.  She also said the boys ask to go to church everyday.  What a blessing it is for them to be together again.

Our church baptized 6 people in the ocean last week.  What a beautiful experience to witness.  Above is a photo of the people who were baptized with the pastors.

I will be moving into a new home!  How exciting!  Currently, a clinic is being built at Grace Village.  My friend Jess (another long-term missionary at Grace) and I will be moving into the bottom floor of the clinic.  I am looking forward to having a small kitchen.  I can cook on a stove (no more microwaves) and I can wash my dishes in a sink!  This is great news!!! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Squeals of excitement!  Children running with arms open wide!  Smiles stretching from ear to ear!  Laughter!  Jumping!  Joyful hearts!  This was my welcome from 61 children when I returned to Grace Village.  I was in the Dominican Republic for 5 nights.  I needed to get my passport stamped and also needed rest and relaxation.  It was a refreshing time away, but I was ready to come home.

My favorite memory of staying in Boca Chica was kayaking in the bay.  The ocean water was crystal clear and a beautiful turquoise color.  I paddled out in a little kayak a few of the mornings.  One morning, Jess and I shared a tandem kayak and ventured to the island.  We brought snorkeling equipment...even flippers!  We were both a little nervous about jumping in, but wanted to see the fish.  So, we each leaned over opposites sides of the kayak and stuck our heads under water.  Everything was so clear.  We saw some beautiful fish, old shells, and sea urchins.  Jess started getting eager to jump in the water.  I was a little nervous.  I have a fear that the fish are going to eat me.  It is a silly fear, but the water makes me a little scared.  I can swim and I had a life vest, so I decided to face my fears and jump right in!  We parked our boat, in the roots of the trees on the island, and started exploring the beauty that God has created in the ocean!  I saw Dorree (Regal Tang fish) from Finding Nemo!  I saw some other colorful fish that I have only seen in ocean life storybooks.  I am so thankful that I decided to jump right in the water!

Check out my new hair do!  I had my hair braided in the Domincan on the beach.  The children at Grace have been asking to braid my hair like theirs.  So, I thought it would be a fun surprise to return home with lots of braids!  The children thought I was so very beautiful.  I kept them in for about a week.