Tuesday, June 4, 2013


One of our sweet elders passed away last Saturday from heart failure.  She was home bound and unable to use her legs.  Now, she is dancing with Jesus!  The funeral was scheduled for today and a time was yet to be determined.  I received a phone call this morning from a friend of mine saying the funeral is in session and that I should meet them at the burial site.  I walked with Semy, one of our translators up and down rocky, hilly, shrubby paths.  We passed goats, people carrying water from the well back to their house, and people sitting by the side of the road washing their clothes.  We continued walking  to the top of another hill where our elder was being buried.  When we arrived, we greeted her family and friends, who were dressed in their best clothes.
Kathy and Carolle (nurse for our elderly)
The casket was carried to the deep hole that had been dug and they lowered it down.  It got wedged on a rock and they had to be creative in figuring out a way to lower it all the way down in the hole.  With human strength and shovels they were able to position the casket so it was flat.

Many who attended the funeral stood close to the pit and grabbed a handful of dirt and tossed it into the pit.  Some men picked up shovels and picks and began scooping dirt and rocks into the pit.  The men worked quickly while people silently watched them work.  After the burial, family and friends were going to gather to sing songs and enjoy each other's company.

Our elder's family saying good-bye
Carolle, the nurse for our elders, had her chauffeur pick us up at the funeral and drive us back to Grace Village.  We rode on a motorcycle together.  All three of us!  I was sandwiched in the middle.  It was a little tricky to get on the motorcycle in a dress, but the ride was nice.  It cooled us off, since we were hot from standing in the sun at the burial ceremony.

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